Happy Hour with Craftmix

Hi friends! I love happy hour! When I was working in the office, my friends and I would go for Happy Hour multiple times a week! Besides for the great prices, it’s a great way to “wine” down the day! When I started working remotely it became more difficult to leave work at a reasonable time. When you have no where to be with no train to catch its easy to work longer hours!

That being said, impromptu virtual happy hours became very popular! So with virtual at home happy hours come homemade drinks. Craftmix has a fun easy way to make an expert level drink in 3 easy steps! Oh and did I mention they are low calorie?

All Craftmix Cocktail Mixes are Low Calorie, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, and All Natural!


Craftmix gifted me a few different flavors to try and I’m obsessed! No more sugar highs from the tons of surgar in my mixed drinks! These are so simple and easy to make, all you need is your liquor, water and one packet of mix!

These taste sweet and delicious as if they had the high calorie juices in them! I tried the Passionfruit Paloma, Strawberry Mule and the Blood Orange Mai Tai! I thought the Paloma was going to be my favorite since I’m a tequila girl but my favorite ended up being the Strawberry Mule! The mix was so flavorful.

Head to my Instagram to enter for your chance to win some Craftmix Cocktail Mixes of your own! Cheers!

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