Stay Tan in the Winter!

My biggest struggle in the winter is keeping a tan. I get such good color throughout the summer and then as soon as the first cool fall day comes it’s gone! Anyone else feel the same way?

I’ve tried so many tanning lotions from cheap pharmacy brands to products that were over $30 and I was still on my search. The hardest part about finding the right product for me is that I have pretty sensitive skin! I would get so itchy a day after I used it because my skin and the chemicals just didn’t work.

This product is life changing. It is made from organic oils and extracts free of harsh chemicals so it melts right into your skin! The next thing that’s hard to find when looking for a good tanning lotion is the right color. You don’t want to look orange! So finding the right balance to a natural glow is so important.

I’m happy to say, I think I’ve found the perfect tanning lotion. The Golden Star Beauty Tanning lotion gives the perfect natural looking shade of color. If you use more or less you can easily achieve the shade you’re looking for!

I think my favorite part about this brand is they even have a face serum! This is a game changer for me. The face serum allows you to evenly distribute a tan all over. Because of its organic ingredients it hydrated and tans your face all in one!

Did I mention the smell yet? The worst part about tanning products is the strange smell the chemicals make as the sink into your skin. But this product does not have that problem at all! The organic ingredients allow for an all over delicious scent that lasts for hours!

Ok I’ll finally get to the point of this post. I loved it! I will definitely be using Golden Star Beauty again! They have a wide variety of products and I can’t wait to try them all!

Like all skincare products it’s important to read the directions on the bottle. I exfoliated my skin the day before. I used the tanning lotion right out of the shower and did not use and other moisturizer before or after use. I did order the lotion that came with a mitt to get a more even distribution of product as well as to keep my hands clean! I think this helped keep a smooth look and no streaks. I let the lotion dry for about 10 minutes before I put clothes on. I think this step is so important so you don’t get the product on your clothes and that you don’t wipe it off before it dries leaving missed spots!

One last thing! Who doesn’t love fast shipping? this product is not only available on the Golden Star Beauty website, but also on Amazon!! I ordered mine and got next day delivery! It came so fast and you can use my 15% off code on either website! Use code “proseckat” for 15% off your order!

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