Target Tuesday 11/3

Happy November and Election Day!

Don’t forget to exercise your right to vote for whomever you believe in! No judgement on who you vote for, all that matters is you get out and do it! I hope everyone took the opportunity to fight for what they believe in, the best way to do that is make your vote count!

Among other things, let’s get to what you really came here for…. MULES!

These Target Mules are AMAZING. The A New Day brand has pulled through as one of my favorite Target brands. All of their items are made very well and last at an affordable price!! These shoes are just $24.99 and can easily double as in house shoes.

They are as soft as your favorite pair of slippers but have a great sole on the bottom so don’t be afraid to take them out! (And I do mean further than to your mailbox!)

These babies deserve to be shown off! They can dress up any outfit! I think I’ll be wearing them on Thanksgiving with a sweater dress!

Or slip them on with jeans or leggings to run errands. Either way they’re the perfect stylish shoe to switch up with your booties to keep your feet warm in the cold weather!

Run to target now and grab a pair! I ordered a 7.5 my true size and they’re perfect!

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