Target Tuesday 8/25

Happy Target Tuesday! This week I’m showing you this amazing Connoisseurs Sterling Silver Jewelry cleaner!

I use it about once a month or so depending on how dirty it gets! This brand comes in many varieties for certain metals, crystals and more!

My everyday jewelry is sterling silver so I use it on my necklaces and rings! The process is so simple!


Step one: grab a washcloth to lay on the counter because this product can stain surfaces.

Step two: shake the jar while empty to get bubbles!

Step three: dip your first piece into the solution for 1-10 seconds. For your first time I suggest between 1-5 until you get a feel of it! (I use a pair of tweezers to hold in the solution rather than the basket)

Step four: lay the piece on the washcloth to dry.

Repeat steps three and four for each piece!

Step five: wait 5 minutes and repeat steps three and four for each piece a second time!

Step six: wait 5 more minutes than rinse each piece in warm water.

You’ll see a huge difference in shine for your pieces!

Head to Target now to grab this amazing and affordable cleaner! Connoisseurs Sterling Silver Cleaner it’s only $4.99!

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