Rothys on my feet!

Would you ever think that wearing water bottles on your feet was comfy? No of course not, it sounds like the most painful thing ever! You can basically see the blisters forming just thinking about it. Well wearing Rothys is NOTHING like that!! I bet I threw you for a loop there!

Rothys is a sustainability focused company that crafts their products out of repurposed water bottles! When I first heard this I wasn’t very optimistic and thought how is that comfy! But the more reviews I read the more I was convinced!

There is NO BREAK IN PERIOD with these shoes! Think about your typical pair of flats, the first 5 wears are unspeakably painful resulting in blisters from toes to heels! I thought no way is it possible that I can throw these flats on and go without a problem. But it’s true!! I really put them to the test 2 years ago when I was interning in New York City and wore them on my morning commute daily! (Did I mention that commute consisted of a mile of walking?)

The fabric made with repurposed water bottles is very breathable too! It was a summer internship so in City heat of 90+ degrees they were perfect! Rothys has grown over the years with so many styles of shoes from pointed flats to laced sneakers, now also including totes and bags!

It gets better!! They’re doing a discount program where if you’re a teacher, first responder or medical professional like doctor, nurse or hospital staff you get 4 20% off codes until December 31st! This is an amazing deal for a pair of shoes that last a lifetime!

Oh, and one more thing I left out! When I mean lifetime, I’m not exaggerating! These shoes are MACHINE WASHABLE! Just take the insoles out and throw them both in the washer and you’re good to go! Let them air dry and they look brand new!

I now have the Point and The Sneaker! I definitely recommend reading the suggested sizing information along with the reviews to get the perfect fit!

Follow the link HERE for $20 off your first pair!

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