Prints All Over!

How do you style your all over print looks? It’s hard to do without going over the top while keeping your looks slim and sleek!

Something important to do with a full print outfit is to keep the accessories simple! Nothing should draw the eye away from the print!

With an all over animal print it’s good to keep everything neutral. I paired this one with cork shoes and gold jewlery! This Snakeskin dress is perfect for a nice dinner or a wedding! As long as you keep your accessories simple you’re golden!

A floral dress has so many options! What I like to do is pick one color out of the pattern to emphasize! So for example the purple floral print on the left has tons of white. I would try and do white shoes or bag to go with this! The floral print on the right has lots of pints! So for that I’d do pink accent jewelry. This way you’re not taking the eye away from your pattern.

Lastly is a combo of print and material! These tweed dresses have an all over print look as well as an interesting material! Tweed automatically dresses itself up because of the design! I like to keep it super simple here with neutral toned accessories!

Show me your prints! Tag me or add me in your comments with you’re dressing up or down your prints!

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