Maxi Fix!

Is your maxi too long on you? This is the #1 struggle I have with maxi dresses. Always too long!! But lucky for us shorties we can fix that! We’re blessed that nothings ever too short!

This dress goes past my toes even in heels! So with the elastic I pulled it up underneath my bra line to pull the length up!

Pulling it up also give the illusion of a waist!! Separating the way the dress fits on top and bottom allows for more dimensions of your body!

If you don’t have an elastic waist on your dress like this use a skinny belt! The belt will take place of the elastic and you can pull the excess dress up through the belt again creating the 2 piece look!

Depending on the material of the dress you can also tie the bottom on a knot! Just be careful with this because if the material is too thick the knot can be bulky by your leg! Happy Friday, give this look a try this weekend!

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