‘Beans’ Jeans

Let’s talk about jeans! I’m sure you can feel my pain when I talk about the frustrating fit. Are your jeans are gapping at the waist? Is the fit too long? Well there’s a simple fix to both of these! If your favorite brand hasn’t launched a curvy or petite fit just yet, take these style tips to make it easier!

Waist Gapping 101: BELTS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. I can’t say this enough! I’ve tried and tried to make what I think is the perfect fitting jeans last without a belt and I end up constantly pulling them up by the end of the night. I know I’ve said it to myself a million times “Do I really need a belt? Won’t it ruin the look?”. The answer is NEVER! Stop thinking of a belt as a necessity to keep your crack from showing. It’s an ACCESSORY! Something important when you take this tip is to make sure you’re utilizing the belt loop space. This probably sounds funny but it is key to making the fit work! If you’re using too skinny of a belt in a large loop the edge of the pant will slide down leaving the belt directly on your skin. While this may be slightly uncomfortable, its also a fashion fail! Belt-to-Loop ratio is so important!

Get the Perfect Length: If you’re short like me, I’m sure you’ve tried these tricks before! Cuffed pants ARE IN ladies! Give them a roll or two, whatever you need to make them fit you! For me, the Fall and Winter seasons are perfect for hiding too long of pants. Tuck those babies into a pair of tall or short boots and you’re rolling. But when Spring and Summer hit, and sandal season arrives, it’s harder to hide. Luckily, cuffed bottoms are a huge Summer trend to show off strappy sandals.

Something else that is HUGE right now is a raw hem! So I’d be lying if I said I never cut off the bottom of my own jeans to fit me better! If you take this route be cautious and I suggest trying it out with an old pair you don’t plan to keep just incase it goes sideways! To be clear, I’m not responsible for any losses, cut at your own risk! I suggest looking up some “How To” YouTube videos in advance, I’ve linked a good one below! I’d love to see your work of art so if you do it tag me or comment a picture!


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